Curtesy of Peter Lang, you can read and download the introduction to Yesterday’s News: The Future of Long-form Journalism and Archives. For further information on the book, please visit Peter Lang’s website.

Reading the Introduction to Yesterday’s News: The Future of Long-from Journalism and Archives will allow to further comprehend:

a) The book’s framing within digital humanities, at the intersection between digital journalism and platform studies.
b) The multi-method approach used within the book include text analysis as part of critical discourse analysis, case-study, digital methods, data profiling and cleaning and semi-structured interviews.
c) What the book defines as ’digital landscape’, and its main actors individuals, crowds and platforms and the main interactions that take place within it, such as flux and non-creative destruction.
d) The definition and relationship between long-form journalism and archives
e) The two case studies, Snow Fall by The New York Times and An Unbelievable Story of Rape by ProPublica and The Marshall Project
f) The role of time and what is defined as ‘feed fruition’ within the digital landscape
g) The shared traits between long-form journalism and archives, such as their nature as digitised content which is not yet datafied and shares possible novel curation practices.