About the book

Digital news production has gained increasing relevance in the last two decades. This book focuses on the affordances of contemporary, accelerated digital news production, proposing a new conception and connection between long-form journalism and archives. This approach is based on a theoretical framework of the contemporary digital experience which is defined as the ”Digital Landscape”.

Moreover, this book focuses on platforms and their practices as influential factors regarding long-form journalism and archival production, distribution and consumption. Assessing the shared features of these two entities – long-form journalism and archives – this book investigates how they can be re-imagined and re-used within the contemporary digital landscape.

Using a combination of multiple approaches, such as digital methods, text analysis as part of critical discourse analysis and semi-structured interviews, this book identifies common traits between long-form journalism and archives. It aims to satisfy the need for novel approaches in the analysis, organization and output of digital news content, identifying novel connections and pathways which can be adopted in order to establish a fuller comprehension of contemporary digital news production.

The complete book’s introduction is now available here

The original image used for the cover is the original cover by the Italian graphic designer Giovanni Pintori who designed the cover of ‘Musica per Parole‘, a promotional record sold with the Olivetti Lettera 22 typewriter. The original image is courtesy of Archivio Storico Olivetti.

Book Publisher page: Peter Lang